Cherry Bounce! This is not an original recipe, but it is certainly one that I’ll be experimenting with a bit this summer. The Washington Post’s article on what to do with stone fruit inspired me to try my own batch, and I hope you’ll try it too.
IMG_20150607_161026379_HDR (1)
I mean to shout, it could not be any easier, and the payoff is grand.

IMG_20150607_170659 (1)

Gather 1 pound of fresh cherries, 2 3/4 c. sugar, and 4 c. of the liquor of your choice (see article). I picked vodka because it will result in a beautiful red/pink hue and should have the purest cherry flavor.
I’m still learning about vodka brands and which ones I like, and this one, I like. Fugu by Ballast Point is a small-batch brand based in my home state of California. And, it’s well-priced. And! It even makes a nice cocktail.
Put it all in a jar with a tight-fitting lid and shake it, baby!


Okay, okay, you do have to give this one a few weeks to take on any flavor, but come on. When all of this season’s cherries are gone, we’ll have a little of this to remember them by.

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