Not really a food post today, but certainly one full of appreciation. I think that no matter how old I get, there will always be a soft, squishy place in my heart for Play Doh. All those bright colors, the accessories, and especially  that unmistakable Play Doh scent!

Now, I grew up in a house empty of those happy little yellow cups. I had no idea that one could own more than a a couple colors at a time, and I was completely in the dark about the way commercial Doh smelled. My mom, supremely crafty as well as thrifty, made batch after batch of homemade play dough until I was at least seven. She consulted with me only when it came to color preference, which usually meant that the majority of her blue food coloring was about to be used. It almost always smelled of vanilla, though sometimes she would surprise me with a squirt of almond or orange extract instead.

If you love the texture of play dough being rolled out and squished in your hands, I highly recommend making a batch. Warm out of the pot, you will have a hard time ever putting it down!

That said, I do not have a recipe per se, but rather a link to one of my absolute favorite sites, which has the recipe and instructions for this most brilliant invention:

It is the best recipe I know, and I cannot think of a way to improve on it!


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